Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Doha Loop - My First Ride in 2013 (in solo mode)

eventually this was my 1st bicycle ride this year (January 04, 2013)
also my 1st 50km semi epic ride (in solo mode) here in Qatar
Screen Capture from my workouts in

kilometer zero in our villa @ 11:00 in the morning, high noon at around 18~20 deg. C.

Trees are also growing here in Qatar.... 

welcome to Doha City (speed limit: 80kph.... wow)

somewhere in C-Ring Road... looks tempting (did not have my lunch yet.. it's almost lunch time)

Holiday Villa in C-Ring Road..... (Titanic Villa.. LOL!)

Toyota Tower in C-Ring road Corner Airport Road

@ Uhm Ghuwailina Roundabout.. 
(Qatar is full of  Roundabouts in it's major roads... dangerous place to be when you are traversing the road)

Airport Bike Lane.... (18 km loop passing trough Ras Abu-boud) definitely on my list for my next rides....

my destinations: Museum of Islamic Arts & Al Corniche road... straight that way (bike lane is on the right)

Reached the Doha Port.... A Fat Biker with a very Skinny Bike

Crystal Clear Sea Water... with a Nepali Guy fishing.. hope he catches one..

a Qatari Dhow... (native Qatari Fishing Vessel)
before Oil was discovered in this country, Fishing and Pearl Diving is the only means of living.

Time Portal...

nowadays, Qatari dhows were replaced by motor boats and yachts....
(change of status...)

exiting the port.... with the three stooges

the Museum of Islamic Arts... (closed during Friday's)
I've heard that they already opened the park at the back side...

Doha's Skyline as viewed at the back side of the Museum of Islamic Arts Park

Proud Pinoy Mountain Biker (in urban mode)

the Park is actually a reclaimed portion of the sea....

now exiting the park...

taken on the other side.... construction is still on going...

now heading to the Al Corniche road...
these Qatari Dhows are for hire...

Qatar Foundation's Motto: Think, Realize, Achieve...

Balhamba Cafe.... Al Corniche road...

Oryx - the official Mascot to the 2006 Asian Games held here in Doha
(Oryx is the national animal here in Qatar, it is also the symbol of their flag carrier)

Booming Construction...

the Sheraton Hotel

Four Seasons Hotel and the West Bay Town House.

now heading home..... Rainbow Roundabout near the Diplomatic Area..

heading home... this is near the location of the old Philippine Embassy

Rest Stop Break... Carboloading.. menu: Red Bull Energy drink plus small chocolate bar

this is we're i took my break.... 
I would like to eat Shawarma, but i still have to wait until Dinner..
better luck next time

The Barwa Financial District Tower.. still on going construction

near the Qatar Tennis Federation...
Mr. Federer and Mr. Nadal played here last year, I was still in the Phils. back then..

heading home, passing thru the Civil Defense building

Center Point mall... that M-mark there looks tempting...

few kilometers more....

Al Waab intersection.... few more pedals...

Al waab Area Bike lane (heading to the Aspire Zone)

unfinished construction for Al Waab City....

almost 5 hours biking, KALAS... (Finished)
total trip distance: 50.8 kms
duration: 4 hours, 41 minutes

did not sweat much due to the cold weather...


  1. bro! a friend and i have bought two fixed gear bikes from sports corner in city center and have been on the ultimate quest to find the missing bikes (brothers of our bikes lol) and i dont know how and i dont know why but somehow today god lead us to finding this blog, and the second we saw your bike, we knew we need to find you and ask you to join us in forming a bike crew! for fixed gears, and exceptional others. please please please contact me or my brother on 33412889 (essa) or 55745693 (rommel) please man, reply as soon as humanly possible!

    hope to see you and bike on your route all three of us soon kabayan!

    take care, pedal on!

    1. thanks for noticing my blog and my ride... you can find me on facebook (john bonalos) let's have some talk thru chat....

  2. We added you on Facebook using Rommel Joseph Lajara (
    Glad you noticed our post fast! hope to talk to you there on facebook

  3. Hi Sir!! Good thing I came across your blog. I just want to ask where did you get your fixie bike? You can email me at for the infos.


  4. Hi Sir, nice blog about biking in doha. btw, added you on Facebook. Hope to chat with you on soon :)