Monday, March 18, 2013


Since I will change my Skinny Bike's set up from Hybrid SS / Fixie Commuter into CycloCross Hybrid with SS drivetrain and I will use a Shimano WH-R500 wheelset, I need a Single Speed Conversion kit to match with the Splined-Cassette Hub...

My choices are the following

Fire Eye FE-SSK Single Speed Kit

The FireEye SSK (Single Speed Kit) converts a standard 8/9-speed shimano-splined cassette hub to a single speed hub in a snap. The SSK comes 3 different sized alloy spacers to provide proper chain line alignment, and a lock ring to keep everything locked down tight. You'll be pleasantly surprised how easy and enjoyable a single speed can be.

DMR Single Speed Converter Kit

The single speed conversion kit is the most effective and easiest way of converting your bike to single speed set up without buying a whole new wheel.

Two precision-machined anodised spacers sandwich a single 16t cog to replace your entire 8 or 9 speed cassette

Gusset 1-ER Single Speed Conversion Kit

Single Speed adaptor kit for 8/9 speed Shimano compatible cassette hubs.
Pair of CNC machined aluminium spacers offer lateral support to ‘Deep-tooth’ single sprocket. 
Built-in offset optimises chainline.
Supplied with 16 & 18T 3/32” cogs* and lockring.

*Note: Cog teeth are 3/32” – 6/7/8 Speed. 
Not suitable for narrow 5/64” (9 speed) chains.
12,13,14,16,18 and 20T cogs also available separately.
Note: If run with smaller than 14T - must be used with 3/32" chain - as 1/8" chain will bite into spacers.

Da Bomb 9 To 1 PRO Single Speed Kit

We have a strong acrobatic heritage. We always like to be up in the air whether on our Downhill or Street rides. For those that want to be extra secure or robust, we provide all the necessary kits or parts to make your ride a fully capable high-flying machine. From conversion kits to chain tensioners and chain guides, we got em' all!

Material: Alloy Body
Function: Converts 9-speed hubs to a single-speed system
Components: 16T & 18T, two spacers, a lockring
Weight: 130g

Surly Single Speed Kit

Set of five spacers for converting to singlespeed on Shimano freehub bodies
Includes stainless steel lockring
(Sprocket not included)

Origin-8 Single Speed Conversion Kit
Fits most road and mountain hubs
Includes: Single-Speed guide
16T and 18T Chromoly cogs
6061 alloy cog spacers (8)
New conical spacers for increased cog stiffness

~ o O o ~

And the list goes and continues.....
I have an eye on the Fire Eye FE-SSK Single Speed Conversion Kit
which is first on my list. It is not the cheapest among the listed kits
but I have many color options to choose from. plus it is readily available from my source back home.

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