Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My Skinny Bike Failed Upgrade and Conversion

The Master Plan: 
To Convert my Hybrid SS / Fixie Bike into
a Hybrid SS Cyclocross Bike....

Ok... what the heck am I thinking?

I have this stock Hybrid Single Speed / Fixie Bike with a really very thin tires...
they are meant to be rode on concrete pavements only.....
My Skinny Bike's Stock Built
Imagine me as a 200 lbs. mountain biker, riding this bike on a rugged terrain...
(yep, I was on Mountain Biker back home, 
I have a XC Hardtail and an AM Full Suspension bike)

My skinny bike failed me two times...

I saw this photo on one of my friend's Facebook account
It gives me an Idea to change my Skinny Bike's Configuration to make it Trail worthy

GIANT ESCAPE R1 - Customized SS Cyclocross Built
photo courtesy of: Ryan Tipay (w/o his permission LOL...)

3 weeks ago, my wife returned from her vacation from the Philippines.
she brought with her some parts I had ordered from our friendly neighborhood Local Bike Shop

And now the Stuffs for the conversion
Shimano WH-R500 Road Wheelset
paired with 18T FireEye Single Speed Conversion Kit

Splined Cassete Hub w/ the FireEye Single Speed Conversion kit

A Pair of Continental Cyclocross Speed 700 x 35C tires
A Pair of  Continental Tour 28 inner tube for 700x32C up to 47C
unpacked Continental Cyclocross Speed Tire
unpacked Continental Tour 28 (Presta Valved) inner tube
The Assembly

Wheelset Assembly:
Shimano WH-R500 700C Road Wheelset
Continental Cyclocross Speed Tires & Tubes

Ready for Operation......
Rear Wheelset did not fit on the Rear Dropouts of the frame...
I forgot to take into consideration that the frame is only
intended for Single Speed Hub....

Not only That
The 700x35C tire Did not fit on the fork
and also in the Road V-Brake Caliper
(no reference photo)

FAILED!!! - I did tried to use the Tire instead on the stock wheelset,
but failed... 35C tire size did not fit the fork and the brake caliper...

Silly & Stupid Me, it's Sad, but it's True....

Stock Road V-brake Caliper & 23C tire
Frame's Rear Dropout is intended only
for Threaded Single Speed Hub
my skinny bike's Flip Flop

~ o O o ~

This Failed Project, opened up a Door into a New Project...


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