Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Giant Escape's Solo Night Ride in Aspire Zone

My Giant Escape's Conversion is not yet complete...
I'm still Halfway to my SS conversion...
But I Still Managed to do a Night Ride with It.

Night Ride @ the Aspire Zone Bikelane w/ my Unfinished SS Bike
I had already installed my R500 wheelset w/ the Fire Eye SS Kit
(a picture of it can be seen in this post > click me!)

I had used the Sram X-4 Rear Derailluer as my temporary chain tensioner
but failed to achieve a proper chainline. (will post a clearer photos soon...)

I am still using the stock Shimano Acera Crankset. I will be replacing it soon with a
Shimano Deore Crankset, converted to Single Chainring.

But for the mean time, I'll just post some pic of the ride...

That is me, wearing a 5-LED Energizer Headlamp

Me, My Bike and the Tallest Tower in Qatar.... The 'Aspire Tower'

21 kg Fatter than before...
(I was 79 kg in the Philippines, now a 100 kg here in Doha)
That is why I need to ride more often
Giant Escape Doing some Pull Ups...
Giant Escape w/ Doha's Bid for the World's Largest Football
Distance Covered: 20.42 Km..... still cold here in Doha @ 24 deg. celsius.
My Sports Tracker Map
My Sports Tracker data
Check My Complete Sports Tracker Data Below

see you next time

by the way, the Sports Tracker's data & the Cyclometer's data on distance log varied
The ST is based on GPS tracks while the Cyclometer is mechanical.

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