Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Lusail Desert Trail: We Ate Dirt for Breakfast Ride

Finally, after few month of hibernation, I finally joined a trail ride and got the chance to use my Giant Escape Custom built Hybrid Single Speed Cyclocross Bike on the trails. (yep, it was already tested to endure the pains of trail riding and having to carry a 100kg biker.. it's me by the way.

18 mountain bikers braving the heat (luckily, no humidity was present at that time of the day)
Friday, August 23, 2013.

My trusted Customized Built Giant Escape Hybrid turned into Single Speed Cyclo Cross
On her maiden Long Trail ride in Qatar. (Single Speed 38T x 18T gearing; 700c x 35c Continental Cyclocross tires.)
In such a very short notice of a 'get together' ride invitation on our Facebook Group Page PMTB.ME - Pinoymtbiker Middle East, 18 Pinoy Mountainbikers (including me off course) showed up that day. Luckily for us, the climate is good at that time. Not so hot, Not so humid with some Not to strong headwind cooling us while pedaling.

tracked by Sports-Tracker - click here for the complete data
August is one of the Hottest month of the year here in Qatar. But it didn't stop us to do what we love to do... Mountain Biking...

To do it and still enjoy doing it, we need to get up very early. 
On this very day, I actually woke up at 3:00 in the morning. 
I fetched a new bike buddy near my place at around 3:30 am. 
The first meet up with the group was 4:00 in the morning at the Al Ahli Hospital in Bin Omran. 
We stayed there and wait for the other guys to show up. 
At 4:30 am, we left the 1st meeting place and drove our car up to the Losail International Circuit in Al Dayyen Municipality. 
We arrived at around 5am to meet up with the other guys..

We officially started our ride at around 5:30 am.

Here are some photos from the ride.

(Unlucky for me, I forgot to bring my Canon Digital Camera)

All photos we're taken by my Nokia C7 phone camera.

The trail starts near the perimeter wall of the Losail Racing Circuit.
It was around 5:40 am by the time I took this photo. The sun is already high and it feels like it is nearing noon time already (sunrise during the summer months here in the middle east usually falls on the 4:00 to 4:30 in the morning. and sun sets at around 6:30 to 7:00 in the evening)

One of the deepest portion of the trail, this one resembles a swimming pool or it might be a sinkhole.
You won't be lost on the trail. Just follow the concrete perimeter wall
and you will reach this long stretch of chicken wire fence.

Watching them Pass me by

Now they're gone
Sometimes, I hate being the Photographer on the ride. You have to get there first, wait for them to arrive, take their photos in a good angle, and be left behind all by yourself... arghhhh

Ooopps, I see someone coming.

A new bike buddy on a Specialized Stumjumper 29'er
His bike was actually imported from the Philippines. some riders here in Qatar (including me) prefers to buy stuffs either online or we bring it here in Qatar from our own country. We can actually buy our Bikes and Stuff in the Philippines at a fraction of a cost of the bike being sold here.

My Friend Alvin on his Kinesis A650 All Mountain Rig (I have the same bike also when I was in the Philippines)
Here comes another new bike buddy
Last guys in the pack.
1st Re-Group and Headcount (around 7~8 kilometers from the start, just before the long chicken wire fence ends)
Group Photo - without me. Oh, I really hate this job.
At Least I have my own Selfie photo.
We just follow the Tire Tracks (just feeling lucky)
Our bike master and bunch of new bike buddies
Our Target: Woqod Petrol Station...
Small Rocky Road
Destination Reached at Woqod Petrol Station at Al Dayyen Municipality
(9.97 kilometers at 6:30 in the morning) - other guys went on the convenience store for some refreshments
Did somebody called '999' for an ambulance?
At this point, we Backtracked to our meet up point..

Back tracking for another 9 kilometers
They're coming
A bike buddy on his Yeti
The Bikemaster on his Cube Rig

My 1st Bike Buddy on his Custom built Niner Air 9 hardtail
Meet my very first Bike Buddy here in Qatar. We first met in forum and have our common friends and bike buddies back in the Philippines. 

Climbing the one of the steepest uphill of the trail.
Heading Back to the Circuit.
Last Buddy on the Road.
And now I have turned myself into a Sweeper.
Along the way, we met our other bike cousins on their Road bike.

Some of the Pinoy Roadies doing their weekly Roadbike Ride
I've been lucky to join this group photo, but the one who took the photograph was unlucky
We finished the 19.6 km ride after almost 2 hours @ 7:26 in the morning.

We finished our get together ride and went home around 8:00 in the morning.

Dirt Breakfast was served..................

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