Sunday, April 28, 2013

Parts! Parts! Parts!

I'm on my way for the 2nd Revision of my Giant Escape SS Conversion Project...
Hopefully, this will be my last revision of this Bike....

Changes that I had made from the stock version

* Handle Bar: Giant OEM standard > Race Face Ride oversize
* Stem: Giant OEM standard > Race Face Ride oversize
* Wheelset: Giant OEM > Shimano R500 road wheelset
* Tires: Giant S-X2 700x32C > Continental Cyclocross Speed 700x35C
* Drivetrain: 3x8 speed > Single Speed (Customized)
* Crankset: Shimano M360 > Shimano Deore M590 modified for SS
* Cogs: SRAM PG-380> Fire Eye Single Speed (9 to 1) conversion kit
* Shifter: SRAM X-4 trigger > N/A (removed)
* Front Derailleur: Shimano M191 > N/A (removed)
* Rear Derailleur: SRAM X-4 8-speed > N/A (removed)
* Chain Tensioner: None > SRAM X-4 RD (temporary)

GIANT ESCAPE 1 version 0.0
Hybrid Urban Commuter w/ stock/OEM Parts

GIANT ESCAPE 1 version 1.0
Converted to Single Speed Hybrid CX

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Problems Encountered

Chain tensioning is bad 
chain skips (as if ghost shifting) especially on climbs and in fast paced pedalling

Bad Chain Line
the roller / pulley of the temporary chain tensioner (in this case is the Sram X-4 RD) is not in line with the Cog and the Chainring

Very light gearing
18t x 32t gear ration on 700x35C wheel equates to 'too much spinning')

Other Reason for Version 2

Better Brakeset
More Lightweight, More Responsive, More Comfort

Parts for the 2nd Version

All parts shown came from the Philippines. Purchased by my brother back home, Hand carried by a friend going back here in Doha

Almost 3kg package
Forced Opening courtesy of Qatar Customs
Obviously, metals were detected by the X-Ray Machine
What's Inside???

Da Bomb RL-4 chain tensioner for Single Speed
The Main Reason for Version 2
Super B BB Tools (for Outboard Type BB's)
Needed to change my Chain Ring
OTHER PARTS for some Added Reason

Avid Single Digit 7 V-Brake kits w/ Avid Speed Dial 5 Levers
For my Brakeset Upgrade
Shimano DURA-ACE Brake Cable kit
For my Brakeset Upgrade
Jagwire All Weather V-Brake Pads - Spares
MOB Cable Ferrules and Cable End Caps
BLING! BLING! to complement my Brakeset Upgrade

OTHER STUFF's for Another Added Reason

Venzo Lock-on Grips (Red Anodized)
For my SKINNY BIKE (not my type though)
Zefal Iron Pack - Saddle Bag
Bag for your biking needs (tools, spares, patch kits, etc.)
Super B Tools - Chain Whip & Cassette Remover
"No More Borrowing Policy :)"
Official 2013 BSPCC Team Jersey
official team jersey of Bauan-San Pascual Cycling Club of Batangas, Philippines
Tailored by: No.1 Apparel Design (NAD) of the Philippines, Designed by: Me (juanthebiker)


Parts and Pricing

Store (Location)
Item Description - Price in Phil. Peso (Price in USD)

Decimal Cycle Supply (Quaipo, Manila, Philippines)
Avid Single Digit 7 / Speed Dial 5 Brakeset - P 1,400 ($ 33.95)
Jagwire All Weather V-Brake Pads (2 pairs) - P 300 ($ 7.27)
Shimano Dura Ace Brake Cable Set (1 pair) - P 400 ($ 9.70)
MOB ferrules (10 pcs) - P 250 ($ 6.06)
Da Bomb RL-4 Single Speed Chain Tensioner - P 1,000 ($ 24.24)

King's Bicycle Store (Quiapo, Manila, Philippines)
Super-B BB Tools (for Outboard BB type) - P 400 ($ 9.70)
Super-B Cassette Remover - P 100 ($ 2.42)
Super-B Chain Whip - P 350 ($ 8.48)

CycleArt Bicycle Supply (Quiapo, Manila, Philippines)
Zefal Saddle Bag - P 350 ($ 8.48)
Venzo Handle Bar Grip (Lock-on) 1 pair - P 350 ($ 8.48)

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