Saturday, September 21, 2013

City Riding: Aspire Bike lane with a Twist

September 06, 2013.. After two consecutive early morning Trail Rides, (Lusail Dirt Trail & Breakfast Unity Ride @ Mesaieed) Team Rest Boys (TRB) decided to do an Urban Mountainbike Ride (with a Twist)

Our Route: Al Ahli Hospital (Bin Omran) to Aspire Park (Al Waab) and back to Al Ahli Hospital (Bin Omran) with lots of Out of Way side trips.

Sports-Tracker Data (With some obvious Error - sorry, effect of heat and humidity again) 

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Unlucky me, I forgot to bring my Compact Camera..
Luckily, my pre-historic and Near Extinct Nokia C7-00 is still around to take decent photos to document the ride. (8mp with Fixed Focus lens - sometimes, Nokia is really Nuts in making their Phone)

It's friday, so we have been expecting an 'Almost' Car-less morning (City Riding in Doha, Qatar will be Less Fatal during the early Hours of Weekend Fridays).

100% sure - Smoking Kills

My ever trusted Skinny CX - SS hybrid bike

Total Distance Covered: 37.5 kilometers
Total Time: 3 hours and 37 minutes.
Cast: John B., Ferdie, Vince, Larni, Nelson, Pio, Glen & Gumer

Thanks for viewing, Until Next Time.

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